Time Sharing

St. Lucie County Time Sharing (Child Visitation) Lawyers

If you are involved in a family matter that concerns time sharing (custody or visitation), you want someone who fully understands the law and the process, and one who has successfully protected the rights of other parents in time sharing disputes. Hiring the right attorney as early as possible is essential in your time sharing case; otherwise, you may not only be throwing away your money, but you may also be losing precious time with your children.

At the Cunzo & Bishop Ames Law Firm, PLLC we know how to get the results you seek in a custody or visitation matter. Both Attorneys, Kim A. Cunzo and Kristen Bishop Ames, have skillfully led family law divisions at other Treasure Coast Law Firms before combining their expertise in 2022. With each attorney having well over a decade of experience in family law, we know the stress and anxiety that can accompany a custody or visitation dispute, and we strive to alleviate that negativity. We know the stress and anxiety that can accompany a custody or visitation dispute, and we strive to alleviate that negativity. We work hard to promptly respond to your calls and e-mails, providing clear answers to your questions.

To schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable Fort Pierce lawyer who deals with timesharing issues, contact our office or call us at 772-409-4353.

Fort Pierce Divorce and Family Law Attorney

TIME SHARING: At the Cunzo & Bishop Ames Law Firm, PLLC we work with either men or women, helping protect their rights in a custody or visitation dispute. We will assist you at any stage of a divorce or paternity case, whether you are just considering filing, need guidance to establish temporary custody and support, need representation at mediation or your final hearing, or require representation in hearings to modify or enforce a court order.  We also offer the option of providing you with limited services such as drafting your required family law documents for you if you are not ready for full legal representation.

We will help you establish and put in place parenting plans that are in the best interests of your minor child, but that also promote your role as a parent. We advocate for women in situations where the father has never played a meaningful role in the child’s life, and then he suddenly demands visitation or for men who truly want to see their child, but the mother refuses to allow the father contact with the child.

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