Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie Paternity Lawyers

Learning the paternity of your child is important not only so that your child may establish a relationship with both his or her biological parents, but also to establish the financial support needed to raise your child.

At Cunzo & Bishop Ames Law Firm PLLC, we represent mothers and fathers in diverse and often complex paternity cases centered around establishing child support, timesharing and parenting plans. We assist our clients throughout Florida’s Treasure Coast from our office in Fort Pierce.

Having assisted individuals in many paternity cases for over a decade, Fort Pierce paternity attorneys Cunzo & Bishop Ames Law Firm, PLLC recognizes the frustrations both mothers and fathers have when facing paternity issues.

We strive to help our clients understand and protect their parental rights. Taking into consideration the best interests and welfare of their children, our lawyer will work closely with our clients to learn about their concerns and create  individualized solutions regarding those matters, often including:

  • Establishing or modifying child support
  • Establishing or modifying timesharing agreements and parenting plans
  • Proving the paternity of your child by setting up DNA tests when necessary
  • Enforcing your parental rights

Every parent has the right to a relationship with his or her child. Similarly, every child deserves to receive the emotional and financial support needed to develop and grow. With this in mind, our experienced attorney will assist you with taking the most effective steps to resolve your paternity case. This may involve arranging a DNA test, coordinating mediation or working with the Department of Revenue.


Modification and Enforcement of Court Orders

In addition to helping you establish child support and custody rights through your paternity case, the Cunzo & Bishop Ames Law Firm, PLLC can help you modify or enforce your custody or support court orders. Contact us to learn more about how our firm can help you.


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